Thursday, May 10, 2012

Albert Collins & The Icebreakers--I Got That Feeling

It was sometime around 1984 on a cold winter's night in Minneapolis when I cajoled some of my fraternity brothers into breaking with their typically lame pop music and go hear the real thing.  I know I was asking a lot of my brothers to give up of their evening of listening to Men Without Hats singing, "The Safety Dance" but, damn it, I just bought a copy of Albert's "Frozen Alive" album and I wasn't going to settle for the same boring scene.

So I take them to The Union Bar (coincidentally the same bar where the "Frozen Alive" album was recorded) and we find a table.  We get a couple beers into us and one of my frat brothers makes some crack like, "This better be good."  I think I responded with, "Up yours."

As soon as the exchange ended, The Icebreakers took the stage.  They started right into it with a low-down blues kind of the like the one you are about to hear.  They are barely thirty seconds into the instrumental when my smartass frat brother leans over to me and shouts, "This is awesome!"

A sense of pride washed through me.  Anyway, below is a cool low-down blues called "I Got That Feeling."  It is from the "Frozen Alive" album.  This album probably won't make it on Rolling Stone's list of top Blues albums, but what do they know.   This is a must have for anyone wanting to hear true Chicago-like blues music.  This album has several great songs including "Frosty" and a funky bastard called "Cold Cuts" featuring the incomparable Johnny B. Gayden on bass guitar.

I hope I didn't hype it too much.

Hey fellows, I'm honest when I say that I've played this song at party's and contrary to what I would have expected, some of my female guests actually liked it.  So I suggest you buy it.  In fact, I think you should buy the whole album.

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