Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Wynonie Harris--Lovin' Machine

A little while back I posted a song by Buddy Miles, I stated he was the only artist I was aware of that hailed from Omaha, Nebraska.   Well it turns out that one of my favorite old blues shouters, Wynonie Harris, is also from Omaha.  It goes to you just how well I do my research.

Speaking of previous posts, I said in a past post about Ike Turner that his song "Rocket 88" was thought of as the first Rock N' Roll song.  Well there is another camp that believes that Wynonie Harris' song "Good Rockin' Tonight" is the first official Rock N' Roll song.

Wynonie Harris goes pretty far back.  In fact, he might be considered an "Old Fart."  It is alleged that Elvis Presley copied Wynonie's hip swiveling moves.  While this jump blues song sounds old, I just can't resist the foot stomping beat and the wailing tenor sax in this tune "Lovin' Machine."

If you're interested in purchasing this song click on the image below.  If you want to know about Wynonie Harris, click here.

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