Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Groovin' With Jesus--The Violinaires

Let me tell ya, if church was like this all the time, I would go every Sunday.  The Violinaires are not necessarily a Blues band, they're really a gospel group.   But that's OK, they get a pass because this song is from the famous blues label Chess Records.

I discovered this song surfing YouTube for Humble Pie songs.  I stumbled upon the Humble Pie version which is rather awesome too!  I just love the low-down groove that both groups lay down in this song.  I am also impressed by the vocal stylings of both Steve Marriott of Humble Pie and the singer for The Violinaires.  They lay down a cool 60's soul style rap.

Take a listen to both versions below.   Unfortunately for all you eager buyers, I could not find a site that sold either song.  I suppose an obscure cover by an even more obscure band don't add up to a high demand for product.  

However, that's usually the sign that it's a hidden gem.  Enjoy.

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