Friday, April 20, 2012

Evan Johns and the H-Bombs--If I Had My Way

In my view, there is a select group of entertainers who were just simply born to entertain us and Evan Johns is one of them.  Another blogger referred to Evan Johns as the "Lovable Lunatic."  Which is probably why he never transcended out of obscurity.   But that's what makes a true entertainer.  They do what they are compelled to do.  They don't compromise their vision just to make more money.

This enormously talented Good Ole Boy from the Washington D.C. area can swoon the ladies with Baja influenced melody or he can destabilize the structure of the building with a rip-roaring rocker.    Truly gifted, he plays the guitar like it was part of his anatomy.

I can't forget to mention his voice.  His cigarette scarred larynx sounds like a caricature of a stereotype--except it's totally genuine.

Take a listen to this homewrecker, "If I Had My Way."

I suppose you figured it out by now.  I'm going to encourage you to buy a copy of this song.   But I can't help it.  Like Evan Johns I am compelled to do what I do.  I encourage you to check out the whole album.  It's awesome!

Learn more about Evan Johns by clicking here.

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