Monday, April 16, 2012

Don & Dewey--Bim Bam

Once again I discovered this obscure early rock n' roll duo from Pasadena, California in the dusty record stacks of KFAI Community Radio in Minneapolis.  As you may recall, I was a volunteer DJ there off and on for several years.  My first regular shift was overnight from 2A-6A.  I would put on some long jam like The Allman Brothers "Mountain Jam" and then finger through the stacks looking for some nuggets of musical gold.

I hit the mother lode when I stumbled upon Don & Dewey's "Rockin' Til Midnight, Rollin' Til Dawn" album.  This album has a couple of slow romance numbers that are pretty good such as "Leavin' It All Up To You."  But it also has some some good foot-stompin', old style rock n' roll songs like "Mammer Jammer", "Pink Champagne" and the original "Farmer John."  There is another song on the album (not my favorite) called "Koko Joe" which was produced by none other than Sonny Bono.

This song "Bim Bam" has a fast walkin' rhythm and the honking tenor sax solo just the way I like it.  I hope you like it too.

Now that you've heard raw, early rock n' roll and your adrenaline is flowing, you may want to consider purchasing this song.  Nay, you should buy the whole CD.  It has "Bim Bam" and all the songs mentioned above.  So get with it.

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