Friday, April 13, 2012

Magic Slim & The Teardrops--Wonder Why

Back in the day (this is for the younger audience now) people used to go to record stores and buy albums. What often made the record store experience so great was that the employees would often play promotional copies in the stores.  I enjoyed perusing the record stacks while listening to what the person had chosen to play.  Sometimes it was pretty good and I would buy it.

This often happened to me when I hung out at the famous Electric Fetus record store in south Minneapolis.  In fact, it was just such an occasion when I got my first introduction to real Chicago Blues.  One day the Fetus's cashier was playing Magic Slim's "Raw Magic" album.  I was hooked immediately.

Magic and the Teardrops are a real gritty and gravely Chicago Blues.  It's raw stuff but that's the way I personally like it.  I like it tight, but not polished (That's what she said, I know).

This song is not from the "Raw Magic" album, but it has that raw Chicago Blues appeal.  Take a listen.

Now that you're feeling a little like you could call Maxwell Street home, you might want to invest in some real blues music.  Afterall, you have to impress your friends with your diverse musical tastes, right?

The song "Wonder Why" can be bought on the compilation CD below.  This particular CD has several good blues tunes.  In addition to that, I have posted a link to the "Raw Magic" album too.  I highly recommend that one.

Learn more about Magic Slim. Click here.

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