Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Eric Burdon and War--Bare Back Ride

I'm sure most aficionados of Blues would not consider Eric Burdon & War a Blues band.  They'd probably be right.  However, no one can deny that blues was definitely an influence.  Eric Burdon, afterall, was straight out of the Blues influenced "British Invasion" of the early 60's.  One also cannot deny that that this particular song "Bare Back Ride" has a definite blues flavor.  The influential John Lee Hooker boogie rhythm and Lee Oskar's harmonica jam totally push this song into the realm of Blues Music.

I don't know why I'm so defensive about this.  It's not like there is a blues conspiracy against me and my beliefs (or is there?).   I just think that this 1970's gem is the kind of blues I like to hear and I thought you might like it too.

By now you have to admit that my music recommendations are spot on.  You're now thoroughly convinced and you don't even need to question my recommendation.  Just click on the link below and buy.  I don't just recommend the song, I recommend the whole double-CD.  There are a few other solid obscure gems.

One other thing.  If anyone thinks I'm getting rich pitching this music, get a clue.  I've nabbed a total of $1.33 so far this year, so help a brother out.

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