Thursday, March 29, 2012

Paul Butterfield Blues Band--Born Under A Bad Sign

Once again, it was back in the 1980's when I went to check out Paul Butterfield at the the legendary Wilebski's Blues Saloon in St. Paul, Minnesota.  It wasn't the first time that a band was way late for a gig at Wilebski's.  Not only was it off the beaten path in the middle of a residential neighborhood, the band's buses would often freeze up in the sometimes sub-zero temperatures of the Twin Cities.

People were starting to get tense and were demanding their money back.  I was one of them.  Some guy shouted at me from his table and told me to relax.  "Butterfield will show up and he's going to blow you away,"  he basically said.  Sure enough, shortly after that, Butterfield's bus pulled up.  He went on and he was awesome!

However, he didn't play the song you are about to hear.  This version of Born Under A Bad Sign epitomizes the funky blues (at least for me).  They really get down and groove on this one.  I only have one beef with this song and that is that they fade out just as Butterfield is starting to cut loose.

Listen for yourself.

You should trust me, just like I should have trusted that guy in Wilebski's that cold winter night in St. Paul, Minnesota.  You need to buy this song and add it to your permanent collection.  Click on the link below.

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