Friday, September 28, 2012

T-Bone Shuffle -- Buddy Guy

I was a Mass Communications major back in college so I took a lot of fun TV and radio production classes.  In one of these classes was this girl teaching assistant.  It wasn’t like she was older or anything.  She was my age but had already taken the class so therefore was a teaching assistant.  She was kind of nerdy but she was pretty pleasing to the eyes.  Her long flowing brown hair sort of did it for me. 

Her and I got along really well during class but there wasn’t any mojo going on between us that I could tell.  She was kind of a square so that may have put a damper on it for me.    

Anyway, on the last day of class, a bunch of us went to a bar and celebrated.  The teaching assistant got pretty lubed up and so did everyone else.  We all had one more for the road and then parted ways.  This girl and I walked back to campus together.  We were both pretty wasted.  We had some laughs and started to flirt with one another.  We got back to campus and found a hidden little spot and started making out.

Needless to say we set a date to see one another again.

This girl seemed kind of sheltered and it was soon confirmed when I called her and found out that she still lived in the suburbs with her mom and dad.  Not only that, she still didn’t have a driver’s license yet.  This meant that I had to drive way out to this Suburb of Minneapolis called Maple Grove.  It didn’t really bother me that much at first.

This girl had spent most of her bar time in college bars or at the Maple Grove TGIF.  I was about to rock her world when I decided to bring her to the Buddy Guy show at this biker bar called The Cabooze (or so I fantasized).

At one point in the show Buddy and his band just cut loose into a groovy jam.  I could tell this girl was liking it.  We had a really good time but unfortunately, I had to have her back home at a “reasonable time.”  We smooched again in the car out in front of her house.  

On the long road trip back to campus from the suburbs, I did some thinking.  I started to rack up all those miles back and forth between campus and Maple Grove in my mind.  Not only that, she was kind of nerdy and definitely sheltered.  I figured it wasn’t a very good match.  Like a jerk, I just stopped calling her.

Flash forward a year or two.  I’m hanging at this place called Whiskey Junction listening to The Minnesota Barking Ducks.  My buddy Bob and I were being mellow and feeling fine.  As I sipped my beer, I noticed what appeared to be a pretty foxy mama over at the bar hanging all over this biker guy.  It was pretty unusual to see a woman that hot hanging out at a blues show in Whiskey Junction.  A beautiful woman in Whiskey Junction was something akin to a Bigfoot sighting--extremely rare and you’re not sure you can believe what you saw.

She had beautiful flowing brown hair and her ass fit perfectly into her tight jeans.  She was ahead of her time donning a sexy wife beater that exposed her luscious, slender shoulders.  Her flowing brown mane flopped over towards Bob and I as we observed from a safe distance.  Her eyes met mine.

It was that teaching assistant.  

I wasn’t sure it was her at first.  I was struck with stunned silence.  I think she recognized me to, but we both just stood there occasionally glancing at each other trying to confirm in our minds that we were actually seeing who we thought we were seeing.  Of course, it wasn’t long before it occurred to me that “She could have been mine.”  But how could I have known that she would have morphed into the sweetback standing before me?

Anyway, in honor of Buddy Guy I offer this finger-snapping track "T-Bone Shuffle" from an awesome album called "Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells Play The Blues."  It is a stellar sampling of early 70's blues scene where Rock N' Rollers and master bluesmen like Buddy Guy were collaborating.

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