Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beale Street Twist - Lynn Vernon

This is the story of Grandma’s Garage.  For a short while, my wife and son and I lived with my in-laws in the San Diego area.  My in-laws are pack rats bordering on hoarders.  They save just about everything.  While living there I noticed two huge boxes of old albums sitting on a shelf in their garage.  A couple years later after my family and I had moved out, I asked my in-laws about them. They said I could have them if I wanted them.  They were going to throw them out, which seemed odd for people who didn’t seem to throw anything away.  

Anyway, this was like a small fantasy.  As you know, I love fingering through old albums.  It is like fingering through an old art gallery.  It’s like fingering through little time capsules from the not too distant past.  My hopes were not too high about finding many hidden gems.  Most of the records came from my mother-in-law’s mother and her 90-year old 7th husband.

I started a fire in our fireplace, poured myself some Jack and Coke then one by one went through the records.  I listened to track after track.  It must have taken me a week to go through the whole collection.  Most of it was crappy show tunes soundtracks or obnoxious Christmas collections, but one out of every fifteen records or so wasn’t too bad.  A lot of of it different too.  I had to open my mind a bit and step out of my comfort zone.   I ventured into the past to find something new.

I found some gems by Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald and Lloyd Price.  There was a neat old country album buy Webb Pierce.  There was a Vegas lounge act called the Mary Kay Trio.  There was some swinging action numbers by the Ray Martin Orchestra.  They even had a mint condition Elvis movie soundtrack from the flick “Harem Scarem.”  God that was some baaaaaaad Elvis music.  

Of course, there had to be at least one awesome blues gem in the pack, right?  Otherwise, why am I writing this silly blog post.

This was one of the blues gems mixed in that old album collection.  It's by this obscure fellow named Lynn Vernon and this is his song, “The Beale Street Twist.”  It starts off kinda hokey, but it starts to swing pretty quick.

Amazingly enough, they this track on if you feel so inclined.

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