Wednesday, August 1, 2012

James Cotton--Boogie Thing

I made my first foray into Blues concerts in college when I went to see a band from Chicago called Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows.  They were alright, but not quite my speed.  I looked in the City Pages and saw that James Cotton was coming to a classic Minneapolis venue called The Cabooze.  The Cabooze was a great place to see the band and the bartender was some old childhood neighbor so I could always count on good pours from the bar.
So I’m at the Cabooze with my buddy and long-time Blues ally, Kent.  We found a place right at the corner of the stage by the keyboardist.  If I recall, the guy’s name was Eddie Harsh.  They’re playing the first set and the show is going well.
A tall, blonde West Bank looking dude (that’s Minneapolis vernacular for Hippie) strolls by and something falls from his person to the ground right by where Kent and I were standing.  It was a joint.  Kent casually leaned down hoping no one else noticed, picked it up and stuffed it in his cigarette pack.  For later, perhaps?
Shortly after, this Eddie Harsh leans over to Kent and asks to bum a cigarette (you could still smoke in bars in those days).  Kent takes one and flips it into his own mouth.  Then hands the pack to Eddie.  “Here, take the last one.”  Kent did this knowing the joint was still in there.  Eddie opened up the pack, looked in and did a double-take and looked at us as though saying, “You serious?”  We gave him the thumbs up.
The first act ended and the band took a break.  When they came back out on stage...  Well, let me quote the great Blues belter Wynonie Harris when he said, “Don’t roll those bloodshot eyes at me.”  Eddie, James Cotton and the Band were clearly in a different state of mind.   The show went on and just got better.  Kent and I couldn't help but feel that we had something do with it.

Anyway, here's a very foot-tapping number from James Cotton.

If you want to buy this tune, click on the link below.

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  1. Hey!!!...That tall blonde dude was me at the Cabooze and that was my joint I lost that nite! Sounds like it went to a good cause...