Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Mothers of Invention--Directly From The Heart To You

Frank Zappa didn't go to any fancy music schools.  Regardless he was a musical genius.  Despite the amazingly precise and intricate musical pieces he became known for over the decades, his roots were in old Rhythm and Blues.  He said in his biography, "The Real Frank Zappa Book" that his primary guitar influences were Gatemouth Brown and Johnny "Guitar" Watson.  He said he admired Johnny because he "played the shit out of his guitar."  Frank and Johnny maintained a lasting friendship and Johnny even sings on a few of Frank's songs including "France" and "San Ber'dino."

Frank and the Mothers show their blues roots in this Richard Penniman song (a.k.a. Little Richard) "Directly From the Heart To You."  Featured on this live track is Don "Sugarcane" Harris on the electric fiddle solo.  "Sugarcane" Harris is none other than the "Don" from "Don & Dewey" (see the "Bim Bam" post on this blog from 4/16/12).

This track is from the famed "Weasels Ripped My Flesh" LP.  For that reason alone you should buy this track.  This version is a bit different but good all the same.

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