Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Eric Burdon and War--Tobacco Road

I know I just posted a track from Eric Burdon and War a little bit ago.  However, I could not resist doing it again.  "Tobacco Road" is not only a blues standard played by many artists, it was also a fairly big hit for Eric and War back in the 70's.  However, this live version from a German TV show is way better than the one on the "Eric Burdon Declares War" album.  The reason is because Eric, God bless him, get's a little over indulgent in the stream of consciousness lyrics on the studio version.  This live version, by contrast, has a cool sax solo instead.

I'm sure you will dig it.

Agreed, right?  It was awesome.  Let me know by commenting whether you agree or not.

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  1. I dig dig?...Keep up the good work o vigilant one!