Monday, June 18, 2012

Elmore James--Hawaiian Boogie

I need to address an issue brought to my attention by the hundreds of emails and messages I receive from my adoring fans.  They point out the irony that I call my blog "No Old Fart Blues" yet many of the artists (if not most of them) might actually qualify as "old farts."  For example, the guy I'm about to play, Elmore James.

Let me be clear.  It is not necessarily the era in which the blues selections were played, it is the manner in which they are played.  Are they slow, boring and depressing or do they push the most groove and make me want to tap my foot or clap my hands.  My selections may be played by fellas who would be considered old farts today (that is if they were still alive), but at the time of the recordings, they were young and full of energy.

It's just my humble opinion that musicians are way too serious nowdays.  They all think they're going to change the world with their music or some other obnoxious sentiment.  I like songs that are about nothing and just plain fun.  Like Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials', "Chicken, Gravy and Biscuits," King Curtis' "Memphis Soul Stew" or perhaps instrumentals like this one by Elmore James, "Hawaiian Boogie."

I seek to be the evangelist of this type of music.  The type that lifts your spirits and makes you want to laugh.  Not the kind of music that bums you out.  Uh, oh.  Now I sound like the saps I'm criticizing.

Oh well, here's Elmore James.

Now that I've swayed you like some kind of Svengali, you have no other choice to make the purchase below.  Thanks.

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