Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lurrie & Carey Bell--I'll Be Your .44

Carey Bell is from that classic era when blues music made it's exodus from the Mississippi Delta up to Chicago in post-war America.  He played harmonica on Chess Records for a variety of artists including Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.

Ironically, however, this song really doesn't feature Carey Bell, it's more about Lurrie Bell--his son.  Keeping  Blues music in the family lineage, Lurrie Bell took up guitar and proved to be quite a virtuoso.  He also possesses a real soulful set of pipes.  He won't win American Idol, but that what makes it sound more from the heart.

This song is a finger-snapping tune called "I'll Be Your .44" which, if I'm not mistaken, has Carey Bell's ten year old son (at the time) James on drums.  So it would have been the ultimate family Blues collaboration except that Carey actually doesn't play his harmonica on this track.

If you consider yourself a strong Blues aficionado, then it may be worth the pursuit of this obscure album from the Rooster label, "Son of a Gun."  To show you just how obscure, the only copy carried on Amazon is a $37 CD from Japan.  So go ahead, you have that kind of money, don't you?  Buy it right now.

Learn more about Carey and the Bell's by clicking here.

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