Saturday, May 19, 2012

Gary Moore--Cold Black Night

On Saturday May 12th, Blues music lost a historic figure in "Duck" Dunn..  He's not as common a name as the recently deceased Donna Summer, but his contribution to popular music may be equally if not more prodigious.  "Duck" Dunn was the famous Memphis bass guitar player who played on just about everything that came out of the Stax Record Label.  Dunn first gained notoriety with Booker T and The MGs, the creators of the oldies classic "Green Onions."  He later was bass player for John Belushi and The Blues Brothers ( if you've seen the movie, he was the guy with the white guy's afro smoking a pipe and playing bass guitar).  He was an alright dude.

Now that I've completely overshadowed the featured artist...

The featured artist in this post was introduced early on this blog and here he is again.  European 70's rock guitar god Gary Moore transitioned back into the Blues but he didn't forget how to rock.  This tune, "Cold Black Night," is a high intensity thriller with a hard driving beat to match a band like early 70's Deep Purple.

May I suggest that you purchase this song.  In fact, there are at least 4 really good tunes on the whole CD.

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