Sunday, March 18, 2012

Doc Starkes and the Niteriders--Looking For My Baby

This obscure fellow Doc Starkes has material that may be considered blues, he has some that might be considered rockabilly.  Either style proves raw and raunchy just the way I like it.

I first heard this song on WEVL-FM community radio in Memphis, Tennessee.  The song has that often repeated theme in early rock and blues music about a guy violently taking back his old lady who just left him.  This theme, by today's standards, would be very politically incorrect (However, that doesn't seem to stop the rap music industry).

I like this song because of the sheer, raw raunchiness of it.  The gravely lyrics and the gritty tenor sax totally make it for me.

Take a listen below.

You know the drill.  If you want to buy it, click on the link below.

In my YouTube search for this song, I came upon a great modern cover of this song by the garage rock band from Detroit called The Detroit Cobras.  Listen to their version below and you prefer theirs to the original, feel free to buy that one instead.

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